venerdì 7 dicembre 2018

Universal Declaration of Human Rights video

The 10th of December 2018 we will celebrate the 70th
Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Storytellers for Peace, an international network born in 2016, formed by storytellers who tell stories through clips, made a special one for this great occasion.
The artists, as much the tales, come from all over the world and speak about justice, equality, human rights and peace.

The project was created and is coordinated by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher, author, playwright, storyteller and stage actor from Italy.
Human rights regard all of us, not only artists or activists.
That’s why, Storytellers for Peace have involved in their new video also colleagues, relatives, friends, or anyone else who wanted to join the work.
Because, more than ever today, we have to say that this wonderful Declaration is still the best words we have.
The 30 articles are told in their respective first language from 31 artists, educators, teachers, journalists, or just persons who care about human rights from all over the world (the video is subtitled in English):

lunedì 26 novembre 2018

Italian Storytelling about Volcanoes

The biggest volcano on earth is Tamu, winning against its rival Mauna Loa, in Hawaii.
In fact, so far we have celebrated the latter, thanks to 5,180 square kilometers of surface.
However, in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, east of Japan, there was Tamu, a true giant, with 310 thousand square kilometers.
That’s crazy, don’t you agree?
It is like to dedicate your whole attention to a little fire, while at your back there was the sun…
Anyway, this only the beginning of this story...

Watch the video (Italian Storytelling with English subtitles)

venerdì 23 novembre 2018

Italian storytelling about internet

Storytelling in Italian about internetOnce upon a time a dot.
Yes, I said one dot.
No matter how big it might be.
What matters is that it was alone.
Nobody was there, with it.
Such a wast of space, don’t you agree?
A small or big dot in the middle of a blank page.
However, you might ask: “What color was the dot?”
I will not tell, okay?
We will not risk to exclude someone from this story.
Nobody should be, not even for something so irrelevant as the color is.
One day, like many others, all the same, another dot appeared on the screen.
An identical one...

Watch the video (Italian Storytelling with English subtitles)

venerdì 8 giugno 2018

Mother and son story with subtitles in English

Gao Qianbo is a two years old child and he was born from a mother in a coma due to a tragic accident.
Since then he has chewing food for her and finally he brought back her to life...

From the Storytelling video